Posted by: Carol | January 14, 2008

Near San Ignacio Lagoon

2008 Mexico – San Diego to Barra

Two hundred miles closer to our destination – we should be pulling into Magdalena Bay early tomorrow morning. Weather is warming up (still not tropical!) and I deleted several layers of night watch apparel – skipped the hat, scarf, gloves, 2nd coat, and 2nd pair of pants. Kept one jacket, wooly socks, and the blanket! Water temperature has risen from 14 to 17 degrees celsius (57 to 62 fahrenheit) – still not ready to go for a swim.

Nice clear night with light from a quarter moon and brilliant stars – no chirping birds but this morning we found a few squid on the deck. Rod tells me he saw the birds first night out on his watch, six small ones at the top of the mast flying in circles around the masthead navigation lights. Mainsail up but still motoring – we added the reacher this morning and tried sail only, but too slow so Rod just powered up the Yanmar again.

Zero cellphone service here, not surprising. We are well offshore, and it’s a pretty unpopulated stretch of coastline anyhow.


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