Posted by: Carol | March 27, 2008

Ensenada de los Muertos

2008 Mexico 2 – Barra to La Paz

CBParker_D3_20080327_Frailes-110This morning early I kayaked to the promontory for photo ops – creating quite a stir with the sea lions. A group of eight or so all lined up in the water, heads raised up out of the water, staring at me in my kayak – then they would dive under and disappear, but shortly thereafter I would see bubble trails erupting on both sides of my little boat – apparently they were making an underwater reconnaissance.

By the time I kayaked back to Raven the engine had started and Mike and Rod were pulling up anchor, anxious to move on to our next stop, ominously named Ensenada de los Muertos (Cove of the Dead). Actually the Mexican tourism PR people thought that didn’t sound too promising, so they have since renamed it Bay of Dreams. We’re anchored here now and can see a very nice restaurant on the sandy beach named the Giggling Marlin Yacht Club – it’s Rod’s birthday today so we plan to let him off cooking duty and have dinner out tonight!

We’re about 60-70 miles south of La Paz – we have a marina berth reserved there starting April 1, and we will restock and head out for a little more cruising before returning home April 11. In La Paz we’ll have access to internet and I’ll get the latest photos posted. Raven will stay there in the marina through hurricane season, probably until next March or so when we put our 2009 cruising plans in effect, giving us plenty of opportunity to thoroughly explore the Sea of Cortez over the next many months.


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