Posted by: Carol | May 15, 2008

Under Construction!

CBParker_D300_20080414_CloudRd-001PHOTO GALLERY
Bank Protection Project

We’re back home from our most recent sailing trip and missing the lifestyle, but we wanted to be close to home during the massive bank protection construction project just to be sure all goes to plan (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my January 29 post).

So far the contractors have done an amazing job of not impacting our daily lives, even though the formerly pastoral back yard now looks like the underpinnings of a freeway interchange and occasional earthquake-like tremors rattle the windows of the house! We don’t need an alarm clock anymore as we are awakened at 6:30 each morning by the rumble of heavy machinery parading past our bedroom window.

On the plus side, it’s given me an opportunity to attack a construction project of my own – I’ve been devoting some serious time fine-tuning Raven’s website. Believe me, it takes an obsessive compulsive personality (I have one) to ferret out bad links, keep the margins straight, and hopefully make the content sufficiently entertaining to attract some readers!

The Home page has been completely revised to feature the most recent travelog with an embedded photo slideshow feature. Also included is a site navigation sidebar with quick access to the most recent posts, photo album, archives, and stuff in general we think interesting.

The About Raven and About Us pages present background information on the boat and her people – Captain Rod, Mike and myself. Another cool slideshow is embedded on the Raven page (can you tell I like the slideshow feature?).

We make an exciting announcement on the new FPB 64 page.

Where’s Raven? has some fun interactive map and weather features.

Newly added to the Logo page is the story of how Raven got her name.

Video plays a fun new clip of Raven racing along at high speed on her passage from Hawaii to San Diego, and in Photos I’ve listed all current and archived photo albums chronologically.

So if you’re interested, take some time to surf through all the pages as there’s a lot of new material. And if you find a bug, be sure to point it out so it can be corrected.

Which brings up the fact that last but not least, I’ve opened the Journal entries to feedback, so if you have something to contribute feel free to click on the Add a Comment link below and say your piece.


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