Posted by: Carol | October 15, 2008

La Paz

2008 Mexico 4 – La Paz to Guaymas

CBParker__DLux3_20081016_SofC-1We’re safe and sound in Mexico – flew in yesterday to Cabo San Lucas – Rod met us in a rental car and we drove 2 1/2 hours to La Paz, stopping for lunch in Todos Santos at the Hotel California (but not THE Hotel California). Couldn’t find any decent flights direct to La Paz – off-season I guess. We had 4 suitcases and 2 big boxes – it cost a fortune in extra bag fees and duty coming into Mexico, but we had to bring parts for Raven to make the passage to French Polynesia in February. Six 12 volt fans, three water pumps, 38 water filters, a new kayak, some new dive gear, and all our rolls and rolls of South Pacific charts that we had taken off the boat when we arrived in San Diego last year.

A nice dinner out, early to bed, and this morning we left the marina and relocated at our favorite anchorage in Ensenada Grande. Mike and I went paddling together in the kayaks now that we have two, and tried water skiing behind the dinghy. We’re planning a three-week cruise ending in Guaymas. We’ll speed past the areas we’ve already visited and slow down further north as we get into new territory.

The weather is really pleasant – much less hot than last trip, maybe high 80’s, mid 70’s at night…can’t believe we had frost in Tucson before we left. Much better here! Water temp still around 80 or so. Rod sold the air conditioner we bought to make the peak of summer bearable and the guy picked it up today off the dock.


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