Posted by: Carol | March 15, 2010

Any Day Now!

So close – AVATAR is scheduled to “splash” on Thursday March 18 in New Zealand which is really just the day after tomorrow here in the U.S. Hopefully she floats right side up (really, no worries there – just a good one-liner!). Description from Rod of the procedure in place:

“Tomorrow afternoon AVATAR will be loaded on the trailer for its 800 meter journey down to the travel lift at Docklands 5. At five a.m. Thursday (Wednesday in the U.S.) the power board (electric company) needs to move some high voltage wires and then the trailer will be towed down the road. It needs to be off the road by six a.m. A crane will then come to lift the mast and soon after AVATAR will feel the water……..

that’s the plan……… let’s hope that’s how it works.”

Rod has been asked to move on to the boat Thursday after launch and live aboard permanently from launch date forwards. AVATAR needs someone there 24/7 – especially in the first few days.

Mike and I are flying out of Tucson Sunday evening, skipping a day (our anniversary!) in flight, and arriving Tuesday morning. I think the plan is to re-launch the boat for photo ops and champagne celebration; we’re assured that is the norm for new boats and new owners. Lots of festivities to look forwards to – we are so excited! It’s my guess the crew at Circa Marine who have worked so long and so hard on this project are feeling pretty excited too!

Meanwhile we have been receiving feeds of photos of the interior with the wraps taken off. Even though carpet and upholstery (and artwork!) are not yet installed, finally we are getting a real feel of the indoors environment. Click HERE if you want to see more!



  1. Ohhhhh myyyyyy goooooooosh! So exciting! Wish we could be there! Can’t wait for more photos. Skipping your anniversary is funny. Kind of like a birth of a child, this is an acceptable reason! We are happy for you.


  2. That sounds so exciting! I hope you both enjoy Avatar as much as you’ve anticipated it.

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