Posted by: Carol | March 18, 2010

Splash! AVATAR Launches

It was an exciting, exhilarating day yesterday – even living it vicariously here in Tucson! Mike and I haunted the inbox all day long waiting for word that AVATAR had splashed down into the water for the very first time and that all was AOK…anxiously awaiting those first photos as well. Reports are that the launch went swimmingly, and the day was spent putting AVATAR through her paces. Our Captain Rod has been in the thick of things since early March, but it was an unexpected bonus when Circa Marine designated him to be the official driver for “light ship trials” which test conformance to the official design specs, maneuverability, speed, fuel consumption etc. on an empty, as-designed boat – as light as she will ever be before we start filling up the tanks with thousands of gallons of fuel and water, as well as moving our belongings aboard.

Rod is even allowed to sleep aboard, a good way to test things like hot water showers, microwaves, refrigerators, heat and air conditioning, and all the rest of the interior environment.

And what do we think of her appearance? She looks rough and tough and capable – but beautiful in an industrial kind of way. And the interior offers up an unexpected surprise – gleaming (as I once heard a Dashew aluminum boat described) like a piano!

Here are photos from the big day, or click HERE for a slideshow. Lots more to come!


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