Posted by: Carol | March 20, 2010

A Thank You to Dashew Offshore

For two and a half years we have watched AVATAR’S metamorphosis from a stack of aluminum sheets in Circa Marine’s warehouse to the innovative vessel now floating in the harbor of Whangarei. Actually our history goes even further back in time – to December 2004 on our first visit to New Zealand (to purchase Raven) when we visited the FPB 64’s prototype Wind Horse (the one and only FPB 83) then under construction in Kelly Archer’s boat yard.

When Wind Horse went on her maiden voyage to Fiji in 2005, we met up again and went aboard for a fishing trip out of Musket Cove (caught a tuna!). We also collaborated on a photo shoot – as designated videographer I sat on Raven’s boom and shot footage of Wind Horse making passes back and forth demonstrating bow and stern wakes and clean passage through the water – while Steve shot back with his trusty Canon DSLR and took the picture that wound up on our Christmas card that year!

An added perk: Steve and Linda Dashew are good friends and neighbors right here in Tucson! As a result we have had more than the usual insight into the meticulous thought processes and skill, not to mention decades (sorry, Skip!) of hands on cruising experience, that culminated this week with the launch of FPB 64 Hull #1.

The photos and text below are lifted straight from Steve’s series of FPB 64 Updates blogs. For a glimpse into the brain of a legendary boat designer, jump over to the Dashew Offshore website and you will learn everything imaginable about design considerations, from the specs of the smallest shackle to the ambiance of art presentation in the engine room. It is a mind-boggling feat of engineering to combine seaworthiness, performance and ergonomics, giving thoughtful attention to even the tiniest of details, ultimately assembling the pieces of the engineering puzzle into a 29 ton vessel capable of comfortably and safely cruising the world with a crew of two.

Dashew Offshore Website

FPB 64 Sea Trials

FPB 64 Series Notes

FPB 64 Updates

Or just CLICK HERE for the 50 most recent posts, titled everything from Initial Wake Analysis and Hull Shape Revealed to Prop Parameters and Cushion Design.

and now, straight from Dashew Offshore’s FPB 64 Updates blog, here is:

Update 35 – A Brief Tour
by Steve Dashew

We’ve been showing you build photos for so long we figured might as well give you a look at things during the last few days the first FPB 64 is coming together (before she is ready to “show”. It is amazing what being able to look outside the great room windows does for the feeling of spaciousness.

We are very pleased with the way the bridge has turned out. (Note from Carol: carpet not installed yet!)

It is going to be a very efficient command center for short-handed cruising.

A first look at a clean foredeck. The winch is one of four aboard for handling dock lines.

The ladder to the flying bridge shown here hinges back on top of the house so as not to compromise the view from inside.

The flying bridge awning is laced to its own pipe framework.

The entry door has a rain cover (the upper awning is over the flying bridge).

All of the canvas work in these photos is a part of the standard FPB 64 specification.



  1. It’s magnificent!!

  2. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations – fair winds and good sailing aboard her

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Enjoy your safe travels. Laura

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