Posted by: Carol | March 26, 2010

Photo Opps

Thursday late afternoon after the work crew had finished up, we moved AVATAR down the bay to Marsden Cove to spend the weekend on display and available for trial cruises out into the ocean so all the other owners and prospective buyers could put her through her paces. The photo above shows Steve (Skip) Dashew, the mastermind behind the FPB series, manning the flying bridge with Mike in the background. Do I detect the tiniest gleam of a smile on Skip’s face?

Steve is such a prolific photographer and blogger, documenting the progress and results of this project, that I have restricted my photography to taking pictures of Steve taking pictures! Except I have to hide so that his photos don’t include me taking photos! As it is, we forgot to put up the forward deck ladder and left the salon door open, creating some Photoshop editing we would have preferred to forego. Here is Steve shooting AVATAR at anchor posing for her portrait, with the Whangarei Heads in the background and late afternoon sunlight breaking through the low clouds of the day.

So for a feast of AVATAR photos I refer you to Steve’s blog which is bursting with images and information, continually being updated with new articles posting about 4 a.m. each morning between daylong stints on the boat checking out her specs and performance! Bookmark the link and keep checking back for the latest details.

FPB 64 50 Latest Posts


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