Posted by: Carol | January 14, 2011

Maybe Not Quite “All Over”!

Video of our neighbor across the dock checking his lines.

Interesting news story…surprised the cruise ship Pacific Pearl sailed directly into the teeth of the hurricane passaging from Noumea to Port Vila in Vanuatu.

It’s Saturday morning and the storm is still howling; wind speed steady 30 knots and gusting higher, blowing rain – but the wind direction has shifted 150 degrees as the other side of the storm passes over. Barometer is rising meaning the storm is moving away from us. Mike and I came back aboard yesterday afternoon…AVATAR is dry, cozy, comfortable and offers a great view out the salon windows. Yellow tail tuna for dinner and a good movie on the Samsung flatscreen TV. There are worse ways to ride out a storm!

The bad news – a second named cyclone (Zelia) has formed between Papua New Guinea and Australia but is forecast to head our direction as well arriving in about 2 days. This time so far the eye is forecast to miss us by some 120 miles. Still puts a damper on our plans to swim and dive in sparkling turquoise lagoons alongside pristine golden beaches in the hot sun!

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