Posted by: Carol | February 28, 2011

Poster Child

Every fall there is a huge gathering of marine professionals at what is called IBEX. IBEX stands for International BoatBuilders’ Exposition & Conference and it is the largest technical marine event in the world.  Every major vendor of marine items is there. Along with thousands of items to check out, there is an extensive array of hands on exhibitions and seminars.  The next IBEX is scheduled for October 17-19, 2011, in Louisville, Kentucky.

The exciting part for us is that this year IBEX selected the FPB64, represented by AVATAR, to be the signature boat for the event.  Photos of AVATAR are up on the IBEX website HERE and will be used in all the promotional materials.  At the 2010 exhibition huge four-foot tall posters of AVATAR were plastered across the walls promoting the 2011 event.  If you have a desire to print yourself a gigantic poster of AVATAR attacking the waves in New Zealand, you can download the PDF file (7mb) HERE. Of course you can print a smaller version or save the image as a computer screensaver…what ever floats your boat 🙂

The photo was taken by internationally recognized marine photographer Ivor Wilkins of New Zealand.


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